Austin Psychiatric Society

Past APS Meetings

9/21/2022 TMS Therapy- A Unique and Progen Approach to Treating Depression Brian Earth man
5/18/2022 The Role of the Psychiatrist in Medically Unexplained Illness Cory Walker
3/23/2022 Medical and Psychiatric Comorbidities in Eating Disorders Kristin Miselis
1/19/2022 Integrated Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service Delivery Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic: Contemporary Considerations. Koli/Talebi
9/22/2021 Management of Treatment-Resistant Depression Paul HIcks
5/19/2021 Psychiatric Myths Robert Boland
3/24/2021 Value Based Care: Incentivizing Delivery of Evidence Based Care Carol Alter
1/20/2021 Ketamine Brent Turnipseed
10/14/2020 Clinical Update: Botulinum Toxin for Depression Michelle Magid, MD
11/18/2020 Upholding Professional Accountability: What You Need to Know About Physician Licensure, Discipline, and Regulation in Texas Amy Swanholm, J.D., Asst. General Counsel TMB
9/16/2020 Perinatal Mental Illness Kristin Lasseter
10/14/2020 Botox Therapy Related Dr. Magid
1/15/2020 Therapy/EBT Dr. FeinsteinType your paragraph here.